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New Log Splitter - stevec - 03-23-2013

I decided to remake my log splitter into a self propelled version so I wouldn't have my loader/winch tractor tied up. I have an 8hp Tecumseh and bought a two stage pump (fast until pressure builds and then slow for the high pressure need), made an adapter, fitted the engine with a new carb and 12V electric start.
Next step in my bumbling thought process was to make a complete new log splitter, reason being , my projects are so protracted at some point I'd desperately need the splitter while it was in mid-reassembly.
Once the new one is done I can sell the 3pt tractor splitter.
So here's a poor pic of the tank/cross member and wheels up on my best friend (110V electric forklift).
Here's a better shot (I hope) with fittings and filler neck.
So the new beam etc. has evolved to this.
[attachment=4772] [attachment=4773]

The reason the "wedge" (chisel edge not yet cut) fits in the rectangular "socket"
Derives from a splitter build that had a hydraulically raised and lowered single/4 way wedge, you could select splitting in 2 pcs. or 4 just bay raising the wedge and it's cross wedge to the height req'd.
I decided to used changeable wedges that could be manually inserted into the rectangular "socket" because I might want to try a 6 or even 8 way split!
Here's a pic of machining one of the "slots" in the H beam (the far end is supported by "my best friend" and a glimpse of the socket I made from a 6" length of 6"sq. tubing sliced down to a .625" wide by 4.625" I.D. rectangular socket.
Next developments will be the log lifter, I'll post when progress is made. All welding will be done at the same time as I find my welds get better the longer period I'm welding.

RE: New Log Splitter - f350ca - 03-23-2013

Looking good Steve.
Was the engine off a snow blower? Not often you can find electric start on that small an engine.
I like the way you did the pocket for the wedge, may be stealing that idea for the splitter on my processor.

RE: New Log Splitter - stevec - 03-23-2013

Greg, there were threaded mounting holes on the engine and the flywheel had a ring gear. I found a brand new starter on Fleabay at a good price and reasonable shipping, all I had to do was bend it's mounting feet a bit to get good engagement with the ring gear.
The carb was new off of Fleabay too, from a Cdn. vendor so it only cost Canada Post rip off plus the vendors charge. Once assemble and fed with gas the little bugger started up immediately!

RE: New Log Splitter - sasquatch - 03-23-2013

Great project Steve!! Gotta love wood splitters, people that have split with a maul or axe for years can really appreciate having one!!
(Is that a "Beach" top chest and roll cabinet in the second pic?) Looks the same as one i have.

RE: New Log Splitter - Mayhem - 03-23-2013

I'm glad to see you found your lost thread Steve Big Grin I'm interested in seeing how the wedge works out.

RE: New Log Splitter - stevec - 03-23-2013

Sasq. Naw it's not a Beach it's a "son of a beach" from Canadian Tire. Rotfl One of the crummiest things about it are the drawer slides but they are my excuse for leaving drawers open.
Darren, I never did find the original posting, but now I seem to remember it had to do with a welding thread. Anyway I hope to keep up with this thread 'til completion.

RE: New Log Splitter - Highpower - 03-24-2013

Was it this one? 17428

RE: New Log Splitter - stevec - 03-24-2013

That's the one Willie, thanks, my memory is good but not long! Rotfl

RE: New Log Splitter - DaveH - 03-24-2013

Smiley-dancenana Smiley-dancenana Smiley-dancenana

RE: New Log Splitter - stevec - 03-25-2013

(03-23-2013, 06:02 PM)f350ca Wrote: I like the way you did the pocket for the wedge, may be stealing that idea for the splitter on my processor.
Greg, it was nice chatting with you yesterday I forgot to mention where I stole the idea for the "pocket" enabling change of the splitting wedge
Here's where I got it.
I'm gonna borrow the log lifter idea too, at least to some extent.