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Fly cutter project!!! - pjf134 - 03-15-2012

I found some time today and made a small fly cutter for gear making, arbors are made a couple of days ago. Now I have to cut a 1/4" HSS cutter to fit a gear profile. I thought I would start off with a small gear to try, since I do not have any big material to use for now. Now I just have to pic a gear to try out and start cutting. I do have to go to the store to buy a set screw, I thought I had some but they were all to big. I made the fly cutter to fit my Sherline Mill and the arbor to fit the rotary table and chuck. The stem does not show up on the pic, but I made it fit the holder in the mill.

RE: Fly cutter project!!! - krv3000 - 03-20-2012

HI it looks good so far