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32x40 H Gas Engine - Brian - 03-22-2014

Its just a doodle, but working on the student project file started me thinking that may be another engine is in order, so this is the result.
A gas engine, water cooled cyl. air cooled head. twin flywheels. 32 cc
Uses rings from a chain saw. iron cyl and head, fabricated steel crank case.


Hmm maybe???

RE: 32x40 H - Brian - 03-23-2014

A little more work and we have the section through the head looking good.


Plodding on.

RE: 32x40 H - Brian - 03-26-2014

Well that's the doodles done so now I have to find 60x60mm iron bar?


Brian Smiley-dancenana

RE: 32x40 H - TomG - 03-26-2014


RE: 32x40 H - DaveH - 03-26-2014

A gas engine - is this an English gas or American gas Smile

RE: 32x40 H - stevec - 03-27-2014

I'd wager it's Sicilian gas. Blush

RE: 32x40 H - Brian - 03-27-2014

Both wrong, Its Classical Gas. and Tom don't eat that popcorn to quick this may take a while.
Hunting for the Iron right now.

RE: 32x40 H - tekfab - 03-28-2014

You aren't half a glutton for punishment Brian. I await further developments with great interest.

RE: 32x40 H Gas Engine - Brian - 03-29-2014

The order for the material is in Just waiting on the postman.


RE: 32x40 H Gas Engine - Brian - 04-10-2014

[attachment=8100]The first lumps of iron have arrived. so we can start making chips.