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a £1 coune holder - krv3000 - 02-16-2015

hi all well just a simpel project i have had lodes of £1 coun holders they hold a total of £10 but they all keep braking so i desided to mack my own in esence i just coped the plastic one for the sises i got sum bronse from work it all redy had a 13 mm hole runing thruw it so i just bord it out to the sise of the plastick one and to the same depth then turnd dawn the outer od just a bit biger than the origenel one then cut it off drest the top off then ran the lathe tool acros the top to mack the center of the tube then cut and filde one hafe dawn so the coune wood fit in i used the plunger top of the plastick one then mad a bung to go in to the bottom this was a press fit and ther you have it a £1 coune holder beter than the ones you can by pics

RE: a £1 coune holder - Micktoon - 02-16-2015

Hi Bob , nice little project ( if you have the funds to fill it Slaphead  ) It should be handy for the boot sale season, For the larger purchases of course Big Grin 

 Cheers Mick.

RE: a £1 coune holder - krv3000 - 02-16-2015