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Log Splitter - rock_hopper - 05-01-2015


I finished this a little over a month ago.  Main beam is a railroad rail that a buddy had behind his barn for 20+ years.  Hydraulic tank was an air tank from a semi-trailer.  5.5 horse power motor was from a pressure washer.  Wheels are from a Jeep Wrangler.  Splitting wedge was a weight off an International Harvester.  11gpm two stage pump, valve, hoses, hyd. cylinder, and filter and housing I purchased new along with hubs, spindles and some steel.  It took me about 2.5 months to build on my days off.  Wedge and cylinder mount are bolted to main beam because I didn't think I could get proper penetration in the high carbon steel railroad rail.

RE: Log Splitter - EdK - 05-01-2015

Nice log splitter Patrick. Thumbsup

I bet it rides nice and smooth with those big tires.


RE: Log Splitter - Vinny - 05-01-2015

I bet it weighs a ton with that rail too!

RE: Log Splitter - Highpower - 05-01-2015

Smart move on bolting the wedge. Or, you could have done what the railroads do and borrowed some of their thermite.  Big Grin 

RE: Log Splitter - stevec - 05-01-2015

Excellent job Patrick! You'll sure not heat stress your pump or other hydraulics with that BIG tank.



RE: Log Splitter - rock_hopper - 05-01-2015

Thanks...Yes it is a bit heavy so lawn tractor got a 2 inch ball hitch. Big Grin

RE: Log Splitter - Vinny - 05-01-2015

Lawn tractor get beefed up suspension?

RE: Log Splitter - rock_hopper - 05-01-2015

LOL. Rotfl ..nope stock suspension on the lawn tractor.

RE: Log Splitter - DaveH - 05-01-2015

One really nice log splitter Thumbsup  Smiley-signs107 

RE: Log Splitter - Mayhem - 05-01-2015

Very nice work.