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RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 07-05-2015

Since Memorial weekend and a week or so ago I haven't done much.  The shingles virus decided to rear its ugly head and I've been limited.  Now that thats all over with, I cut the legs for the mill table and also cut legs for a welding/plasma table.  Cut and welded the top frame for the mill table this afternoon.  This week I'll tackle getting the legs ready to weld to the frame and maybe next weekend I'll be able to get on that.  I'll start a project thread on the plasma table when I get a bit further along.

Anyway, here's a couple of pix.

The four on the left are for the plasma table and the others are for the mill table.  Lengthwise there's only a few inches difference.
[Image: legs.jpg]

And this is the frame... Yes, my welding sux.  I used the forks on the hilo to keep things flat and not movable.
[Image: tableframe.jpg]

RE: Table for my mill - Mayhem - 07-06-2015

I do like your welding bench Big Grin

RE: Table for my mill - Pete O - 07-06-2015

Yet another reason why I should get a forklift. Do you need to disconnect the alternator before using it for a welding bench?

RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 07-06-2015

Nope. Just use it. It has many uses. Toss a pallet on it and use it for doing wood working. Wrap a chain around a fork when pulling stuck shocks in my truck. Lifting the box of the truck to get to the top of the fuel tank. ...

RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 09-16-2016

Back to this. I decided to use some of the previously cut steel for something else and bought some 2" square tubing for this. Weather permitting, I want to cut and weld this up tomorrow.

Below is a crude drawing of what the top will look like (except square corners, dunno what I missed there). My question is one for strength. It will be sitting narrow side toward me. The mill will be bolted to the back and middle pieces. I plan on cutting the pieces square, not 45s. The legs will, obviously, be in the 4 corners.

For strength, should the back one be welded to the top of the legs or will be be strong enough to hold the mill (about 300-350 lbs) if I put the two long pieces on the leg tops and weld the supports to it? The middle one can't sit on any legs so it'll have to rely on the welds.

The square tubing is 1/8" thick, if that matters.

Here's the crude drawing...

[Image: tableoutline.jpg]

RE: Table for my mill - EdK - 09-16-2016

I'm certainly no expert on tubing strength but at only 300-350lbs you should be fine either way with 1/8" thick square tubing. My 2-ton cherry picker has 1/8" thick 2 1/4" square tubing for the arm that bears all of the weight so you should have plenty of overkill. I like overkill myself.


RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 09-16-2016

I'm mainly concerned with whether or not the back one should be over the legs or if it can be between like the middle one.

RE: Table for my mill - f350ca - 09-16-2016

Could go either way Vinny. If you put the cross piece over the legs, then the side pieces are in total shear load and they carry the load of the centre cross member. I'd put the legs under the sides, but cap the ends, that will help carry the load to the cross member. (and look better)

RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 09-16-2016

Thanks! My original thought was to put the legs under the sides, then I did the stupid thing and started thinking about it!

RE: Table for my mill - Pete O - 09-17-2016

I don't think you will have too many worries regarding strength either way, BUT... cutting and welding the corners at 45degrees would give you a stronger join, as there is more length of weld in the joint, plus putting the legs under the corners would be supporting both sides of the weld so no vertical shear load on the weld. If you ended up going that way, a triangular piece of plate under the corner and then the leg under that would give you maximum strength.