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RE: Table for my mill - Dr Stan - 09-25-2016

(09-24-2016, 10:58 PM)pepi Wrote: Cheers

Excellent chart.

RE: Table for my mill - pepi - 09-25-2016

(09-25-2016, 12:01 PM)Highpower Wrote:
(09-24-2016, 10:58 PM)pepi Wrote: Could the drag on the wire spool be to tight, and the wire is hesitating at the beginning. You should have instant wire feed pulling on the trigger.


That is actually a "feature" of some Miller machines now. (My Millermatic 140 is one of them.) The wire feed starts at a lower speed when you first pull the trigger, then quickly ramps up to your set wire speed after a second or so. I hate that feature because it screws up MY timing!

The first time I used the machine I thought the drive motor/controller was defective and I contacted Miller about it. The tech I talked to said it is supposed to do that to help prevent sticking the wire on arc starts. The amount of delay changes (milliseconds) depending on your set wire speed. Every MIG welder I have used (including my MM 185) up until this machine has been "instant on, full wire speed" as soon as you hit the trigger so that is what I am used to. Had I known the 140 has this built in delay, I never would have bought it.   Slaphead  I just wanted a more portable 110V MIG welder at the time.


Wire speed has a scale for the wire size, and the heat knob has two scales, one material size, the other standard heat ranges 3.0 3.5 and so one to 10.0.

 Using AUTO set, wire size selected, dial in the material size  and burn away, that the way the 140 works?

Would you know if the slow feed rate when an arc is struck. Is a feature of both manual and AUTO set modes?

  If only in AUTO set there might be a way to adjust or turn that feature off. My guess if happening in both modes, you could be stuck with that.

Below example is an older Miller with AUTO set. It shows how to gain better control of the AUTO set configuration. Maybe a glance thru the manual could turn up something similar for ya. I am all for automation .. but sometimes they take it to far for my taste

Thanks for the heads up on a new feature on that machine . thumbs UP!


always learning

RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 04-24-2017

For the most part it's finished. After rereading this thread I remember that I planned on putting angle in the bottom and put a shelf on it. Not sure if I'll still do that. I'm currently out of angle (easily remedied) and I do need the horizontal space, but it's already painted. I'll have to think on it some, then go and get more angle.

It was pulsating again and I didn't want to be bothered with it since wire speed wasn't helping, so I kicked up the heat and it stopped doing that. Welds weren't as pretty but there were puddles going on. There are only 4 heat settings. Min/Max 1/2. It was in Max/1 so I switched it to Max/2. Haven't looked at the contactor yet, should do that one evening this week splitting time with cleaning out the old bench. That bench has to go before the new stand/table can be put in place. That may only be temporary tho as I've got my eye on a Bridgeport.

Here's a pic of what it looks like now. I also just remembered the levelers aren't on it either, if I only remembered where I put 'em.

[Image: millstand.jpg]

RE: Table for my mill - Vinny - 04-30-2017

And now it's DONE!!!!! The drawers still need to be painted but that's gonna hafta wait till the rain moves out. The table/stand is complete, the mill is on it, all painted, found those misplaced feet and they're on, lower shelf is also on as you can see. Now that this one's in the books, it's onto another project. Maybe finishing the rotary table...

[Image: millontable.jpg]