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Belt Grinder - DaveH - 06-05-2015

I have decided to give the stainless steel boma a rest ................. "bluddy thing Big Grin "
I'm thinking of making a belt grinder like this KMG one 

Anyone got one Smile


RE: Belt Grinder - EdK - 06-05-2015

Not yet but one is on my project list.


RE: Belt Grinder - Pete O - 06-05-2015

Definitely on my list as well, with a VFD to control the speed so I can dress timber without turning it black. Contact wheels are outrageously expensive to buy, have you looked into that aspect yet? If this ever gets near the top of my to-do list I'll be looking at moulding some kind of compound onto aluminium wheel blanks.

RE: Belt Grinder - dallen - 06-05-2015

mine runs fine with bare aluminum wheels, mines not as fancy as the one in photo that was posted by Dave at the beginning of this thread

RE: Belt Grinder - RobWilson - 06-06-2015

Nice one Dave , I will be watching Popcorn 

Next on my build list , I have some of the materials and belts Big Grin 

 [Image: P1070987_zpsbcf3d673.jpg]


RE: Belt Grinder - DaveH - 06-06-2015

This isn't the first time I've looked at building a belt grinder Bash
Last time I got stuck trying to find the right size cold rolled steel. I did find some 2.5" x 0.5" but the price was ridiculous, so I looked for metric bar and just couldn't find what I wanted.
The metric equivalent of 2.5"x.5" is 63.5mm x 12.7mm Rotfl  so 60mm x 12mm cold rolled steel  so do ............. just couldn't find any.  50mm x 12mm is common  but that makes the "sliding bar" a touch on the small side.

Strange as it seems most (not all) of the aluminium is in inches they designate it in mm such as 25mm x 3mm but it is 25.4mm x 3.175mm (1" x .125")

I might look at making it in aluminium. If I can find some 63.5 x 12.7mm or 60 x 12mm may do.

Failing all this I'll just go and buy one. Thumbsup 

RE: Belt Grinder - DaveH - 06-06-2015

I also realize I can machine the metal to size but if I can use standard bar stock it would be ideal.
I may look at getting some laser cut aluminium from 0.5" plate but I have the feeling it's going to be expensive. Chin 

RE: Belt Grinder - dallen - 06-06-2015

that sliding bar is like 1.25 X 1.25 or close to 32X32 MM.

I'm pretty sure you could take some liberties with the material sizes and make it with what you have available.

Hope 3400 RPM motors are cheaper there then they are here.

RE: Belt Grinder - Roadracer_Al - 06-06-2015

If you've researched belt grinders, you've probably come across the "No Weld Belt Grinder" -- I admire the idea of an easy-to-assemble grinder. But DAMN it's ugly, and doesn't come with accessories. The feedback I've heard is that it's a little light in the construction for heavy grinding.

I've been designing a grinder which is waterjet or laser cut from flat .25" steel, and welds together. The idea is that the plan set will include a number of desirable accessories such as a tilting platen, a tilting table, a compound table with a fence & miter slot (good for sharpening HSS lathe tools!), a chisel sharpening stage, a serration sharpening setup, a surface grinder, and, the next big design hurdle: convertible horizontal or vertical orientation.

I haven't decided if I want to sell only the plans (a business model which seems to work for the NWBG) or sell kits. Or a semi-kit which would be plans plus the machined parts other than the water/laser cut bits.

The design uses off-the-shelf drive components, and currently is oriented toward a single-phase, 110v motor 3400 RPM with belt reduction for speed control.

However, the design can be adapted for direct-drive 3-phase and VFD use, which would actually make the convertible horiz/vert option easier.

My goal is to make a pro-grade tool accessible to the hobbyist market at both a reasonable cost, and in a manner that expenditures can be made over time. My thinking is that most hobbyists, even if a Burr King was half the price @ $2500, they'd still have difficulty biting that off in one chunk. With a kit & specified parts, they can be purchased as funds allow.

What do y'all think? Good idea? Anything you'd do different?

Just to be clear... this isn't happening real soon, I have some health issues to work out first.

RE: Belt Grinder - EdK - 06-06-2015

You mean something like this?