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Green House - f350ca - 06-05-2015

Another none metal project for you, but it will have metal fasteners if that counts.
Was given some Hemlock logs last fall, its a very rot resistant wood, it will be the frame work.
Laid down some railroad ties for a footing, filled them with dirt then caped it with flag stone from the excavation.
[Image: IMG_1757.jpg]

Most of the framework cut out.

[Image: IMG_1760.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1761.jpg]

The glass panels were from garden doors, so will be tempered. Making them safe for the roof. Got 19 of them from the neighbour.

RE: Green House - f350ca - 06-06-2015

Front wall timbers assembled. Not true timber framing, the joints are bolted together.

[Image: IMG_1763.jpg]

Quality control isn't into vegetables, so she's not impressed.

RE: Green House - EdK - 06-06-2015

Get Julia to inspect it.


RE: Green House - f350ca - 06-06-2015

Helped with the flagstone and assembly of the wall.

RE: Green House - f350ca - 06-07-2015

Got the roof beams/rafters installed today. They will be capped aluminum flashing to weather proof them. Bearers go into the grooves of the roof beam for the glass panels to rest on, flush with the tops.

[Image: IMG_1764.jpg]

The mule is now serving as a mobile scaffold. 

RE: Green House - dallen - 06-07-2015

hows the mule working out, there hasn't been any usage reports as to it usefulness?

RE: Green House - f350ca - 06-07-2015

Guess I haven't done a consumers report on it Dave.
Been working great, For this project its been hauling timbers from the saw mill to the lower shop where I set up a second surface planner. Then up to the wood shop for second operations then out to the site. Handy as a work bench out there and carries all the tools, at night run it into the shed and all the tools are out of the weather.
Mechanically no glitches except the fuel pump acted up the other day. It was one someone changed out on a Honda Atv, it worked when I tried it and has up till yesterday, thought I was out of fuel, filled it up and still no go, tapped the pump and away it went. May have to look at finding another low pressure pump some where.
Overall a great success, gets used quite a bit.
Sent a photo to an old buddy out in Alberta, he wants one, says he'll come and get it if I build him one. 3500 Km trip. Thinking about electric. If I can find an old golf cart I think it would be great. His wife has a commercial green house, would be real handy and would probably run for a week or more on a charge.

RE: Green House - dallen - 06-07-2015

bet you wonder how you ever got along without it now.

I would think that he could get a commercial one similar to yours cheaper then making a 3500 kilometer trip, plus the cost of the build.

golf cart should be pretty easy to find. heck I know a guy that's got four or five sitting around his place.

RE: Green House - f350ca - 06-07-2015

Gas ones are more popular around here, Just thought maybe go green for a while and try electric.

RE: Green House - Good Mann - 06-07-2015

Smiley-signs107 If Q.C. Isn't into veggie,  what's the point of greenhouse?
Grow a few wieners in it?
Gotta luv the Mule containment system.
She needs cover, no?