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oil gun refit - krv3000 - 04-16-2016

hi well did this today I have one of them oil guns I.E the plunger type you no the ones that leek oil all over the place and when you cum to use it its empty so I dismantled it as you will see in the pic the centre tube is held in place by the top edge of the mane body bin bent over with a screwdriver I lifted the lip over to remove the tube in-between two steel cup washers their is a o ring  well past its sell by date and a spring so before I replast the o ring I gave the tube a good clean up in side the tube their is fitted a one way valve no way of getting this out with out damaging the tube . the bush on the bottom of the gun was well worn so the end of the mane body had to cum off I thort it  my be soldered on to the mane body its not it is just a push fit so after sum bashing I got it off the bush is formed over in the cap so I removed the lip then mad a new one and soldered the new one back in to the cap then I replast the cap  I used a two part epoxy to glue the cap back on once all back together I filled the gun up with light oil thinner than watt normally goes in  and gave it sum stick I.E pumped the oil gun till it was empty then refiled it and left in the vice over night will see tomorrow if it has leaked right pics

RE: oil gun refit - Micktoon - 04-17-2016

Hi Bob hope it holds the oil overnight, you will have to get a production line going if it does as everyone that owns one of them bloody useless things are sick of a pool of oil everywhere they have been left.  Blush
Cheers Mick

RE: oil gun refit - krv3000 - 04-18-2016

hi well left it over night and no leeks

RE: oil gun refit - Highpower - 04-18-2016


RE: oil gun refit - Micktoon - 04-18-2016

Well done then Bob , you have cracked it lad  Big Grin

Cheers Mick

RE: oil gun refit - EdK - 04-18-2016

Graemlin Thumbsup