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Pressure Washer - f350ca - 04-29-2016

I need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping things clean. Was given a little portable electric pressure washer years ago. It only worked long enough to convince me the gas one was a pain, its never been started again. The one I have now is sufficient, but by the time I dig it out of the back of the shop, hook up the hose, find the wand plug it in drag it out side its usually easier to leave things dirty. Thats what happened the last time I had the atv's out. So I decided to have a permanently mounted one by the door. Started looking at pumps, some junk then looked at commercial ones, then industrial. In the end bought a made in Italy Comet brand triplex.
Was going to post it in what came in the mail but thought we'd start a thread.

[Image: IMG_2156.jpg]

Nice little pump, 2 gallon a minute at 1900 psi, ceramic pistons, forged brass rods, brass head, stainless valves, should last me a long time.

Someone gave (agh another freebee) me a pump off a jacuzzi. 220v 15 amp so probably about 3 hp. Its two speed but will just use the 3400 rpm winding. The shaft was turned down to 1/2 inch with a 3/8 thread on the end for the impeller. Already tore the pump off.

[Image: IMG_2157.jpg]

Decided to use it so built the shaft up with weld. No pictures, it wasn't pretty. As usual the end warped, so I dug out the steady and re centered the end to match the bearing surface.

[Image: IMG_2159.jpg]

Turned it down between centres, it now in the mill ready for a keyway after coffee.

RE: Pressure Washer - EdK - 04-29-2016


How much was that pump?

Nice tool post on that Hardinge. Did you make it?


RE: Pressure Washer - Roadracer_Al - 04-29-2016

Permanently mounted pressure washer?! What luxury. I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Greg.

I recall reading somewhere that the best way to build up a shaft is to weld in rings, not lines. Keeps the warpage down. Helps to have a weld positioner. I keep toying with the idea of getting a surplus DC gear motor and building one.

RE: Pressure Washer - f350ca - 04-29-2016

Do you want the price in real money or our funny money. $400 to the door, found the same pump mounted to a Baldor 3 hp with a rack holding the reel and switch ready to bolt on the wall for $2600 US on sale from $3400.
Made the tool post on the shaper, but in my infinite wisdom didn't make the tool holders a standard size, so you have to come to me if you want extras.
Thanks Al, a welding lathe is on the project list. Salvaged (imagine that) two 12volt gear head motors from some golf thingy that drives your clubs around. What fun can that be. Anyway I ordered some PWM voltage controls from china. It will rotate the part and feed the mig gun along the carnage to build up the shaft.

The key installed.
[Image: IMG_2161.jpg]

The motor has a ring but its not really a flange mount so I had to make a step plate to marry the two halfs.

[Image: IMG_2164.jpg]

Now it gets interesting. The two bolt patterns are close but no cigar, so the plan is to thread the adaptor, loctite studs in it for the pump, then drill and thread the bolt pattern for the motor in them.

RE: Pressure Washer - Highpower - 04-29-2016


Hmmm..... I've still got the original motor from my lathe. And a treadmill motor too. Chin

Do they make baby pumps that would run on 1-1/2 Chinese horses? Big Grin

RE: Pressure Washer - f350ca - 04-29-2016

Sure, just have to whip them harder.

Got the mount or adapta plate made. The bolt offsets were .045 different, x and y.  Made up the studs and loctited them in and held them with a jam nut while drilling and threading.

[Image: IMG_2165.jpg]

Not the most conventional fastening method but it seams to have worked.

[Image: IMG_2166.jpg]

Now just need a wall mount and a reel and power to it, and motor starter and some plumbing.

This is really part of the processor project, I'll need it to degrease the machine before painting. Just another tool.

RE: Pressure Washer - turbo711 - 04-30-2016

Great job fitting that pump. I particularly like the real world bench picture around the pump. You just know things are getting done!

RE: Pressure Washer - Highpower - 04-30-2016

Nice thinking outside of the box there Greg. I think I will have to revisit the spindle spider now that I made for my lathe. Chin

RE: Pressure Washer - krv3000 - 04-30-2016

hi and a job well dune

RE: Pressure Washer - Roadracer_Al - 04-30-2016

Nice work.

Interesting solution.

Here's another pot-stirring question... why didn't you just clock the pump 10° and drill it's own holes?