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RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 07-08-2016

well can any one help the draw bolt on the mill is m8 but the MT2 sleeves have a m10 thread in them  their is sum sort of thread adaptor that goes ether on the draw bolt or in to the tooling can any one help with pics of the item I need to make up will post sum more pics soon

RE: home made mill - rleete - 07-08-2016

I have the same problem. Some collets have a metric thread, others an imperial. So, I had to make a new drawbar (it's just C.R.S.) and swap them out as the need arises.
Hint: use a hex collet block to make the wrench flats on the top to get them even all around.

I marked the metric ones with a spot of paint, and the metric drawbar as well, to avoid confusion.

RE: home made mill - Mayhem - 07-08-2016

Same here.  I have tooling with M12x1.75 and 1/2-13 threads.  

Here they are next to the 'temporary' ones:

Made from 4140.

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 07-10-2016

hi er must have lost you all off the hole in the mill shaft is only big enough for a m8 bolt  to go threw in the Manuel it says youse adapter m8 to m10 ?  ok I can make them up but I need the dimension's of the adaptor   thanks for the help any way bin on with the base uprights its all most dune I need two make  two cover plates one for the front and one for the back then that's the base made up  then I will have to see haw much of a spacer I need to make for the head   to put it over the centre of the table right more pics and more of the works tool room and for thows ho  can remember me getting a tool box off john all beet up well its the one with big boy on it  right enjoy

RE: home made mill - pepi - 07-10-2016


I am curious, the drill bit second row, second in from the right. Do you step drill using something that big or chuck it and go for it?


RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 07-11-2016

hi well with the big drills we drill a m12 pilot hole then put the big drills to work and that one in the pic is only a baby one

RE: home made mill - Micktoon - 07-11-2016

Looking good Bob  but I must say your bench is a dam disgrace lad......... You always say you keep your bench spotless Rotfl

Tool box looks better than last time I saw it mind Smiley-eatdrink004  Graemlin

 Cheers Mick

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 07-12-2016

lol my bench is tide the bench with the tank on it ant my bench

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 07-25-2016

hi all well its all back home drilled two hols for locking handles on the x and y then started to put sum pant on   o and did sum taping of sum m6 hols on a home made  angel bracket pics

RE: home made mill - EdK - 07-25-2016