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RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 08-01-2016

hi all thanks for the comments all but dun gnaw as im on holiday I have had sum time to put the z and y bit on the base I had to make sum washers for the 4 fixing bolts there 5 mm thick od 32 mm with a 10.2 hole then just put it all back together and clocked the table in so its running parallel with the column run out at both ends the same with a dip in the middle I need to make two bushes for ether end as their is to much play in the end brackets and to drill them to put oilers in the next big job is I need to make a spacer block  to bring the head of the mill to the centre of the table  right pics  first pic of the dti is in the centre then next left then right

RE: home made mill - EdK - 08-01-2016

Graemlin Thumbsup

RE: home made mill - oldskoolron - 08-19-2016

great setup at work man an the mill looks the guts Smiley-signs107
wish I could get some the large thick flat plate you got for your mill if I want stuff like that in oz I have to buy minimum of 3 meters

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 10-01-2016

big flat plate ant a problem nice bits of brass or aluminium is lol as we say over hear fees or famine any way did this to day the start of the extension for the mill head   hi all as promised the bare stock was spot on  100mm so I had to put sum weld on it to make it bigger  but before I did that I marked out the centre for the running centre to go in to then I lade dawn sum weld the finish size is 100 mm but the bar was not even so did this  to give me a nice finish I then set it up in the lathe and just turned it dawn to 100 mm there is sum holes where I have not put a nuff weld on these will just be field in as its not critical as it will be panted   then set up the fixt steady to bore out the end it needed to be 15mm deep by 70mm wide all dun the next step is to get it to john's to drill and put the two cut outs in for it to fit on to the Colom head right pics

RE: home made mill - Mayhem - 10-01-2016

Amazing that what looked like a log had steel inside it Big Grin

Nice work Bob

RE: home made mill - EdK - 10-02-2016

I thought it looked like a piece of a petrified tree trunk.


RE: home made mill - Roadracer_Al - 10-02-2016

So THATS what the metal stretcher looks like...

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 10-13-2016

hi all thanks for the comments I dropped the mill head extension off at johns last night so he can cut the cut outs in the column for the fixing nuts so he will probably do a vid on the work that he is going  to do on it

RE: home made mill - Micktoon - 10-13-2016

Hi Bob, nice job of expanding the bar  Graemlin  looking forward to seeing built up on the mill once John has done his work to it  Big Grin
Cheers mick

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 10-14-2016

hi that's just step one mick once he has dun that bit I then have to set it up on the mill column to see haw long it need to be then cut it off and then turn that end in to a male fitting to fit the mill head to then sort out the wiring and get a capacitor for the motor then make a stand Thumbsup