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RE: home made mill - Dr Stan - 10-14-2016

(10-02-2016, 11:33 AM)Roadracer_Al Wrote: So THATS what the metal stretcher looks like...

When I taught at the Vo-Tech I had a student looking for a metal stretcher for a good 2+ hours.  Of course every other instructor was in on it. Rotfl It doubled as a board stretcher, brick stretcher, etc.  Was made from some seriously heavy components.

RE: home made mill - RobWilson - 10-15-2016



RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 10-22-2016

hi all john mild out the two slots for the nuts to go into to hold the extension on to the Colum  and he did a brill job thanks john
so today I fitted the extension to the Colum  and figured out haw much needs to be cut off when finish the extension peace will be 130MM long right pics

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 10-29-2016

hi all thanks for the comments I was in work today so I finish off the extension set it up in the 4 jaw chuck then clocked it in then took it dawn to length then turned the spigot then made the groove for the clamping brackets     will post more pics tomorrow of it going together im thinking of splitting the extension to boar out the centre to make it lighter any way pics

RE: home made mill - Micktoon - 10-30-2016

Looks good Bob, you are well on the way now  Smile
  it will not be long until its up and running  Smiley-eatdrink004
 cheers Mick

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 10-30-2016

hi all well the extension fits but im going to have to make it lighter so this will involve cutting it in have then boring etch have out then welding them back together that ant a problem all that needs doing gnaw is make a stand for it sort out the electric's on that point dus any one no the type of capacitor needed for the motor the one that's running it at the minute is my sper one of my lathe any way pics as promist

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 12-03-2016

hi jus a up date i descuverd that the motor is 440 volt three phase ho crap Jawdrop  the motor is gnaw at a motor shop will get a price off them on munday as to haw mutch it will cost to have it rewawnd to 240 volt singel phase

RE: home made mill - pepi - 12-03-2016

Stout looking machine, you think have it rewound would less expensive, than new. Or is it finding a 240 single phase with the same mount the bigger challenge?


RE: home made mill - TomG - 12-03-2016

I would bet you could find a 440V variable frequency drive for even less.


RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 12-03-2016

hi all I have looked at all the options' first off there is no little mills out there that I like they all seem to have problems with flex control boards and the price they wont for second hand you can by new to much work  has gone in to making this one to scrap off the motor is integral to the gear box of the mill so trying to find a motor to fit is a no go had the firm look at it and the only option  was a re wind