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RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-07-2017

lol stop piking on me still no pics took bad at work got sent home bin in bed all day still feel like *****

RE: home made mill - wawoodman - 02-07-2017

Everybody on this side of the pond is sick, too. Take it easy. Feel better!

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-08-2017

hi as promist  pics

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-12-2017

hi all still under the weather so the mill head is still siting on me work bench as hoping to have it making chips by the week end but don't hold your breath Bawling

RE: home made mill - Micktoon - 02-12-2017

Get well soon Bob, seems like everyone has cold at the moment, the weather will not be helping at all Bash

  Cheers Mick

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-20-2017

hi its a live its a live made my take on the ejector nut 17mm c/f stanles steel drilled out to 15.3mm taped 16x1 mm by 30mm deep drilled a 7.3 hole in the top for the alan key to fit threw clocked the head in had a bit play with a block of aluminium then put the flats on the two new back lash screws then made up the two locking screws  right sum pics    ps   any on no where I can get sum of that lovear rubber to make bed covers with

RE: home made mill - Mayhem - 02-21-2017

Bugger the pics - we want video!


RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-21-2017

hi I no john is rather biz at the moment with the wagon but he is Cumming dawn one week end to do a vid and one on d.t.i reparse to

RE: home made mill - Pete O - 02-21-2017

Great project Bob, must be a hoot to be milling on a self-built mill.
I'll be keen to see your videos- have a few sticky indicators that need some magic.

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-22-2017

thanks all for the comments  pete o you can send me them but I think the post from where you live will be to much or is you referring to the set of vids that john will be doing in haw to look after and repair D.T.I's