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RE: home made mill - Pete O - 02-23-2017

Thanks for the offer Bob but yes, I was referring to the videos, keen to see them so I can approach the repair of my dodgy indicators with some confidence. I bought a pile of indicators from a deceased estate a few years ago and only one was usable, I dismantled and cleaned a few with mixed results. Once I've seen the master at work I will attack a few more. Sending them around the world would probably cost way more than I paid for them.
Anyway sorry for the off-topic; your mill is terrific and I'm keen to see some video of it in action too.

RE: home made mill - Pete O - 02-23-2017

back to the topic- this mob have way covers. They're not cheap.

RE: home made mill - Mayhem - 02-24-2017

C'mon Pete - If Bob can make a mill, he can make way covers in his sleep!

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-24-2017

lol yep figured that one out thers a shop in the uk know as boys they sell fabric back vinel  cut it in to 25mm strips sow then together and ther you go Big Grin

RE: home made mill - krv3000 - 02-27-2017

hi all bin bizz with the mill this weekend the two brackets on the top table had to much play in them sos no pic of this bit but on the first bracket on the back side the hole was 11.5mm and at the front 10.5mm so had a rut and fawned sum 12.7mm O.D  with a internal of 9.5 oil light bushes  just the job as the shaft is 10mm so reemd out  the bracket with a 12.7 mm  reamer then with sum Bering fit put them in but left a oil gap between them then once the stuff had gone off reemd out to 10mm then lost the key one the end of the shaft mad a new one then fawned the old one  :doh: any way all fitted up nice next make two oil ports only got on dun will do the other one tomorrow just need to fit the spring and drill the bracket  right pics