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RE: --- Surface Grinder - EdK - 01-31-2017

Sorry but I didn't get a chance to work on the PDF file and tomorrow is out so don't hold your breath. If I don't get it done during the week, I'll get it done this weekend.

Slacker Ed

RE: --- Surface Grinder - rleete - 02-01-2017

Nice signature, Ed!

No worries, I just wanted to see the machine out of curiosity. Not like I would actually get around to making one.

RE: --- Surface Grinder - Bill Gruby - 02-01-2017

My good friend and partner in this build, Mark Frazier will be joining this Forum in the next few days. I would not think of doing this without him. We have worked together on this project since day one when I asked him to come on board.

"Billy G"

RE: --- Surface Grinder - EdK - 02-01-2017

Will the CAD files be available for those that would like them?


RE: --- Surface Grinder - Bill Gruby - 02-01-2017

Yes Ed, as always, my stuff is free for the taking. I'm going to bring my Cad guy aboard also. If he chooses not to, Ill import the file for everyone.

"Billy G"

RE: --- Surface Grinder - Bill Gruby - 02-01-2017

Mark has arrived. Hi Mark. "mark_f" is his user name.

"Billy G"

RE: --- Surface Grinder - Vinny - 02-01-2017

...and he's in!!

RE: --- Surface Grinder - Dr Stan - 02-02-2017


RE: --- Surface Grinder - EdK - 02-02-2017

Here's the PDF file of the CAD drawings for the smaller version.



RE: --- Surface Grinder - Bill Gruby - 02-02-2017

Nice prints Ed.

"Billy G"