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RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 02-13-2019


Well been busy.  I've been able to use my drywall lift for most of the interior 1/2" plywood sheeting, but the space between the planner & the wall was too narrow for the lift.  Given the frame of the planner weighs around 4500 lbs I decided to come up with another procedure thus I picked up a block & tackle from Horror Freight.  HF recently built & opened a store here in O'boro so I don't have to go to Evansville IN for my tool fix.  HF seems to have changed their business model.  They use to set up their stores in former grocery stores (mostly), but are now building their own.  This is the 2nd purpose build HF I've seen.  The 1st one I saw is in Madisonville, KY.  This is of course in addition to bringing out a better line of tools, especially portable power tools such as drill drivers.  I have one of their drill drivers and I like it a whole lot better than the Rigid brand from Home Depot.  The last Bosch I bought was suppose to be a reman professional unit, but lasted less than 2 weeks.  When I received the Bosch I discovered it was made in Malaysia.  All the previous ones had been made in Switzerland and gave me very good service.  Guess it was another example of the bean counters (accountants) making manufacturing decisions.

RE: Raising the roof - TomG - 02-13-2019

Great progress, Stan. That extra few feet really makes a difference. Thumbsup

Will your drywall lift reach the ceiling?That's one of the biggest sources of heartburn on my building. The highest part of the ceiling in the high bay where the lift will be is 23 feet. I'll probably have to rent a scissors lift to drywall it.


RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 02-13-2019

I purposely bought the 15ft extension for my lift making it capable of reaching my 12ft ceiling.

Tomorrow morning I'm headed out to Lima Ohio to pick up a couple of 5ft long hoods to mount over my welding table.  That should help with the welding & grinding mess.

RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 03-03-2019


Some more progress.  Only one more wall remaining to insulate & cover.  I'll start on insulating under the roof and start painting the walls before I get to the last wall so I don't have to move equipment twice. I'll also fill some of the worst gaps with drywall compound.

RE: Raising the roof - TomG - 03-03-2019

Looking good Stan. Thumbsup

I'll bet it's quite an echo chamber as it sits.


RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 03-04-2019

Has all the equipment shoved up together in the east end so no echo.  If it was empty that would be a different story.  Sure will be glad when it's finished in more ways than one.

Once the east wall and roof are done I'll need to find someone with a concrete saw to cut holes for the foundation for the car lift as it needs to be at least a foot deep.

RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 03-15-2019

Insulating the roof is so much fun, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Brother my back hurts.  I've spent multiple nights in my recliner  with a heating pad on my back.  I'm not telling my Pain Management Doc what I'm doing as I'm sure she'd have a fit.  I'm reusing as much of the old insulation as possible.  Having to make multiple repairs on the facing prior to installation.  I'm also sure I'm getting in my 10K steps/day with the multiple trips up & down the ladder.

To keep the insulation in place I'm using red rosin under layment paper and lath screwed into the trusses to keep the paper from pulling loose.  I was tempted to throw away all the old insulation until I price checked it at Menards, the cheapest local big box store.  $20/roll of the 23" wide R-13 insulation.  Way higher than the $8/roll I paid for the 15" wide version.

RE: Raising the roof - Vinny - 03-18-2019

Not to mention up and down the ladder is hard on the hamstrings!

When we did mine, we drywalled the ceiling, put in an opening with walls around it and blew in about 2 feet of insulation.

RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 03-18-2019

I want to keep the trusses open so I can use them for storage.  Here in KY R-13 insulation for the roof is plenty.  On the few occasions it snows, the snow remained on the roof until the outside temp increased to above freezing.  I'd also have to box in my skylights and that would be a PITA.

RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 07-02-2019

The siding has been replaced on the north & west sides along with the gutter and soffit for the north side.  South side is about 2/3rds finished as far as siding goes.  Gona get back after it after I make this posting.