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RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 07-05-2019

Now if the @#*! rain would hold off. Hotter than He!! to boot, humidity is also playing havoc on my endurance, or lack thereof. Type II diabetes not helping matters. Have an appointment with my Veteran Service Officer coming up now that I can claim Agent Orange exposure.

RE: Raising the roof - Pete O - 07-05-2019

The shed looks great Stan.

RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 07-09-2019

Finally, the outside is mostly finished. Still have some detail work to do that can be done from ground level.

Finished up around 9:30 last night working under LED flood lights.  First time I'd done that for awhile. 

I was working off a 24ft long walkboard that was set up on my scaffolding approx 6ft tall.  To get to the higher portion of the East & West ends I used my 6ft stepladder and leaned it against the outside wall.  Yikes  Glad I didn't have any safety Nazis looking over my shoulder. Big Grin

RE: Raising the roof - pepi - 07-09-2019

That is coming right along, nicely, thought about this project recently and how things were going. That answer ......... very well
Sky lights nice touch !
Good job


RE: Raising the roof - Dr Stan - 07-10-2019

The sky lights were an opportune find. While I was first building the shop I was at one of the big box stores and saw them on clearance for $100 ea. They were originally $300 ea. My guess is that they were ordered and turned out not to be what the customer wanted. Sure help with lighting and ventilation.