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Mower Rebuild - f350ca - 12-21-2017

As if I need another project.
Was given two John Deere F935 front mount mowers. The engine is pooched in the one, put a rod through the block. The other wouldn't start after sitting for the winter. Apparently there's 4 or 5 decks ranging from 5 to 6 foot wide and maybe a real head.
Going to tear the donor down and store the extra parts. The one with the roof will get a rebuild. The paint has pealed for some reason, will decide if it gets sanded or sand blasted.
Hauled them home today.
[Image: 8cu9JYQWnFq2aqlkLyAU1jVVOwss7YZpF7ON9T9p...47-h729-no]

[Image: 29cbirPvk2N1gj06aewCCB_tEtMsESrIa5XZe0IO...47-h729-no]

RE: Mower Rebuild - Dr Stan - 12-22-2017

(12-21-2017, 09:33 PM)f350ca Wrote: As if I need another project.

I understand.

RE: Mower Rebuild - f350ca - 12-22-2017

Ah the smell of diesel exhaust.
A buddy dropped over this aft and we got the engine running.
Lots of bleeding and oil down the intake to get some compression. Think someone used too much either and dried the cylinders out. Funny the final mix was my penetrating oil (ATF/ Acetone), as soon as it went down the intake she fired up.
[Image: wvDgGMaCnKVGNI5EqwxSlvSlIrq_W94scfRIkNZk...47-h729-no]

RE: Mower Rebuild - f350ca - 12-28-2017

The donor one kind of fell apart.
[Image: tlB6U0KmR8rbu_-RbE_ivriqyqBBud4DJM7U22L6...45-h634-no]

[Image: aQOQ51_6SQr5p0mOyTKsrH1DHbUjM-geCApoL5Lb...45-h634-no]

RE: Mower Rebuild - EdK - 12-28-2017


RE: Mower Rebuild - Vinny - 12-28-2017

Shore up the suspension and frame and put a hemi in it!

RE: Mower Rebuild - Highpower - 12-28-2017

(12-28-2017, 05:19 PM)f350ca Wrote: The donor one kind of fell apart.

Yeah, that's what they all say. Big Grin

RE: Mower Rebuild - Vinny - 12-28-2017

(12-28-2017, 10:11 PM)Highpower Wrote:
(12-28-2017, 05:19 PM)f350ca Wrote: The donor one kind of fell apart.

Yeah, that's what they all say.   Big Grin


RE: Mower Rebuild - f350ca - 01-04-2018

There is a snow blower available for this tractor but they seam to go for stupid prices. So think we're going to build one. The pto on the tractor runs at 2400 rpm so they reduce the speed to the blower, some use a gearbox others a chain drive, we'll go chain. Needed an angle box to run the auger, mentioned it to a friend, he had an old Gravely Snow Cannon attachment. Picked it up yesterday, looks like a good heavy box. Quite a lethal looking blower, Im sure it would pass OHAS requirements at a union shop.
[Image: DRMOcmMKs_Ukzccx14Haum_PawKFN88y1L9oJ0ZK...45-h634-no]

Neat design, the blower housing rotates left or  right to direct the snow.

RE: Mower Rebuild - Mayhem - 01-05-2018

What is this "snow" stuff that I keep hearing about on here?   

We just have sunshine and a clear blue sky Cool