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Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount - f350ca - 10-13-2018

Been trying to find ideas on mounting a dial indicator to measure the spindle travel on my mill, the great goddess google hasn't been very helpful. Maybe it isn't done.
Had a repurposed digital calliper on there for a while but it blocked the depth stop adjustment.
Made the travelling mount to hold the dial indicator. 
The brass rod goes into a hole in the spindle stop. Two steel balls are pushed out with a pointed set screw to lock it in.
[Image: PvUSRxyfDDXRCOCzAkTBN-LrxIkrt20dJ54NEnmC...7-h1250-no]

[Image: JDieOTHYHw0zDEquqJdSsqJ6DzLz02J-2c13esBX...7-h1250-no]

Have a 2 inch travel indicator ordered. Have to build a fixed mount for the bottom that will hold an adjustable rod that contacts the indicator plunger.

[Image: qVOFMnTkxyaXNvyViFprzMvGSDUxTRCbqVqZhvpC...7-h1250-no]

[Image: -qFoIN-n0jDjzwxZbjD1xvlNhe9bEEuiUci2xpz7...7-h1250-no]

RE: Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount - f350ca - 10-14-2018

Made up the mount that holds the stop rod.
[Image: QlWM27UEAHqLY-0HGRwcgGGDNBo05loKcoNzgS4x...7-h1250-no]

[Image: QnMeUm-Wt_Y8-P4zHgJfglv2OAGTmRjlWQQV7jr-...7-h1250-no]

Turns out this item is available. Someone on another forum put up a link to Quillmate. Didn't show up in any of the searches I did.

RE: Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount - TomG - 10-14-2018

Looks good Greg. Thumbsup

Do the balls hold it securely? Another option would be to saw cut the brass rod and use the pointed set screw to expand it.


RE: Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount - f350ca - 10-15-2018

They hold quite well Tom. With a reasonable amount of pressure I get about 1 thou movement on the indicator when its against the rod. Using the depth stop it repeats to about 1 thou as well.
The rod is threaded into the housing, could have hollowed it out and used the set screw idea, would have been quicker. Next time 8)

RE: Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount - Pete O - 10-15-2018

Looks great Greg, better than the commercial one. I can foresee another project once the frankenmill is finished. Come to think of it, I've got a 6" travel dial indicator that I've never found a use for...

RE: Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount - Dr Stan - 10-15-2018

I need to quit this forum.  Too many good ideas here that turn into projects.   Smiley-signs107