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Archer Airguns. - Swarf_Newbie - 12-06-2018

Any US forum user(s) live near Archer Airguns?

Only asking as a UK user, I would like to purchase a QB78 repeater kit from them, but they only ship to the US.
So.………...if anyone lives near them, and would like to purchase said QB78 repeater kit and ship it to me, I would be a very happy bunny.
(Obviously I would pay up front for the kit and postage etc!)

Anyone??? Thumbsup



RE: Archer Airguns. - rleete - 12-10-2018

I am right around the corner, relatively speaking. Fairport is a suburb of Rochester, NY. I live in Brighton, another suburb, just minutes away.

Feel free to PM. I will send you my email address.