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RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 06-25-2022

The final front ear! That old startrek chestnut, but apart from the fact that it is not charging, everything else is fine! After all that hassle with the electrics, bloody ungratefull I call it! It will be something simple, and probably to do with the cut out setting being done at different revs to actually being on the tractor or else a wire off on the cut out, it is very tight in there, I will sort it! Then on to the topper, and that gets finished all bar the shouting!, All in all, a good week!
Phil, it is HOT again in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-01-2022

Released at 4pm GMT+1 Saturday
I get the grass cutter finished, and condemn the pto driveshaft as BER until I see the price of a new one! It can be fixed as you can buy the tube, so I can replace the twisted portion. I am going to fit the grass cutter to the tractor and measure up for the driveshaft with the grasscutter in the raised and lowered position so I get the right length, as measuring it up roughly seems to indicate about 4" overlap in the telecoping part when it is in the down position, so no wonder it has twisted.  Thank you all for watching and commenting, and don't forget to like and subscribe, and click on the black bell to get all the updates and notice of new content! I try to upload every Saturday at 4pm GMT but if you click the bell when you subscribe,  you tube will remind you, supposedly!! 
Phil, In very bright sunshine between the cold and downpours in East Yorkshire!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-16-2022

I bite the bullet once again, and take off the PTO shaft to relieve the tight bearing, which is nylon to metal, and will melt and self destruct if it is not right. I get the charging circuit working, although not at low rpm, but many fordson owners tell me that is how they are ! There may be a new regulator in the near future, as setting the old one up again when it is on the tractor is not easy access! Touch the paintwork up, and then as some light relief, I make a pair of moulding flasks for the copper casting experiment, It's all in my week this week!
Phil, in overcast, cool and cloudy East Yorkshire, Harvest is ON!

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-30-2022

The furnace comes out for the first time, and works superbly well, the mould is made and the copper is poured, and a very good casting is made! I change the tractor engine oil, and find there is no oil filter in the cannister, just iike there was no fuel filter either!! well it has one now, and with new oil we have gained about 10 psi oil pressure, even though the oil pressure was good before. I have gone for the sae40 non detergent oil which is reccomended for working tractors. We round off the week with a day of antique metalwork repairs for my dealer friend, but only cover that briefly because we already have about an hour of vid this week, don't fall asleep!
Phil, in Cool and wet East Yorkshire. Wot heat wave?

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 07-30-2022

This was last weeks vid, which I managed not to post here somehow!!
Another 3 day week!, Monday was my 70th birthday, so I took the day off, Tuesday was so unfeasably hot that I stayed home and sweltered! This is what remains! I finish the moulding flask, and get the sand mixed with the bentonite and wetted down, and then get sidetracked into a quick repair (why are they never quick) on the little Reid-EE sawbench. when I was at school I only got lines once! I had to write out 100 times "I must concentrate on the job in hand" I am living proof that the lines did not work!! Phil, in unfeasably hot then dull and overcast East Yorkshire.

RE: My week this week! My workshop videos! - hermetic - 08-06-2022

A varied week of highs, lows, and a poo run! I earned some money doing lots of very enjoyable little repairs to antique metalware, and it was all downhill from there! All I can say is it was a good thing that the weather was warm and sunny, or it would have been a lot worse! Join me in Yorkshire for a real rollercoaster of a week!
Phil, in getting warmer East Yorkshire, the harvest is coming in!