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Mill Vice Stop - doubleboost - 05-16-2012

Needed one of these for some time now
I am just making it up as i go using what materials i have to hand
The side of the vice was machined square and a 12 mill hole drilled and tapped in the fixed jaw
[Image: P5160089.jpg]
I cut some threads on a bit of 18 mill stainless bar that my wife rescued from a scrap barbecue at work, they used to roast whole pigs on it (got her well trained)Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin
This gave me a chance to use my ER32 collet holder to machine a square on one end.
[Image: P5160082.jpg]
[Image: P5160090.jpg]
The bar screwed in to the vice
[Image: P5160084.jpg]
[Image: P5160091.jpg]
[Image: P5160086.jpg]
I checked the alignment with my height guage it is less than 3 thou over 12 inchesBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

RE: Mill Vice Stop - stevec - 05-16-2012

Too bad you machined the square to a size suitable only for an adjustable wrenchRotfl
Just kidding, looks nice and robust.

RE: Mill Vice Stop - doubleboost - 05-16-2012

It is actually machined to precisley 21/32 but i dont have a spannerSlapheadSlapheadSlapheadSlaphead

RE: Mill Vice Stop - DaveH - 05-16-2012

Nice John, Smiley-signs107

.003" over 12'' is pruuty good Thumbsup

Now what goes on that 12" bar Chin

RE: Mill Vice Stop - doubleboost - 05-16-2012

I will find out tomorrow nite

RE: Mill Vice Stop - ETC57 - 05-16-2012

Very nice John,Smiley-signs107

I'll be looking forward to tomorrow!Drool

I like surprises.Smiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenanaSmiley-dancenana


RE: Mill Vice Stop - krv3000 - 05-17-2012

hi a job well dun

RE: Mill Vice Stop - doubleboost - 05-18-2012

I found a nice bit of metal under the bench should make a good block for my vice stop
[Image: P5180020.jpg]

First job was to fly cut it square

[Image: P5180021.jpg]

[Image: P5180026.jpg]

R8 adapter makes a good tube square

[Image: P5180028.jpg]
A 45 degree tool was then used to break the sharp edges

Once this is set up you just turn the block over to do all 4 edges at one setting
[Image: P5180033.jpg]
[Image: P5180036.jpg]

Not a bad result considering what i started with

[Image: P5180041.jpg]

[Image: P5180038.jpg]


RE: Mill Vice Stop - EdK - 05-18-2012


Nice Moire pattern in that last picture. Your mill is trammed nicely. Thumbsup


RE: Mill Vice Stop - RobWilson - 05-18-2012

Smiley-signs107 is that the DRO bracket your cutting up RotflRotfl