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Planning ahead... - Highpower - 03-18-2020


RE: Planning ahead... - Paulc - 03-18-2020

So true!
Even bottled water?? 17428

RE: Planning ahead... - Dr Stan - 03-18-2020

Probably be cheaper to buy and install a bidet. Big Grin

RE: Planning ahead... - TomG - 03-18-2020

The paranoia is over the top here. We are considering going North, just to distance ourselves from "civilization". Chin


RE: Planning ahead... - EdK - 03-19-2020

It's ridiculous!!!


RE: Planning ahead... - Highpower - 03-19-2020

(03-19-2020, 12:18 AM)EdK Wrote: It's ridiculous!!!


Agreed. SWMBO has a very specific type and brand of TP that she likes. I get by with the cheap stuff just fine. All of the store shelves around here are empty of paper products. I tried Amazon and they are sold out. I went to ebay and found the only 4 packs remaining of stuff she wanted (in New Jersey) and bought it at a slightly inflated price. Not near as bad as some of the thieves that are trying to get outrageous prices - like these clowns -

My BIL went to Costco last week 15 minutes before they opened and there was already a line of 27 people with shopping carts at the doors. The store manager unlocked the doors and walked outside and announced "If you are here for toilet paper - WE DON'T HAVE ANY!"

RE: Planning ahead... - Vinny - 03-19-2020

(03-18-2020, 05:07 PM)Dr Stan Wrote: Probably be cheaper to buy and install a bidet. Big Grin

Why buy it when you can build it?

[Image: bybidet.jpg]

RE: Planning ahead... - Dr Stan - 03-19-2020

Yikes Thumbsup Big Grin Rotfl Cool 6799 Sign0142 Blink Rolleyes Applaud

RE: Planning ahead... - Dr Stan - 03-19-2020

Well at least it didn't utilize a pressure washer. :)

RE: Planning ahead... - TomG - 03-20-2020

At first glance, I thought it was a gas burner! Yikes