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tutorials - Dr Stan - 09-14-2020

Appears to be well worth the $77.00.

RE: tutorials - Highpower - 09-14-2020

After viewing his "About Membership" video, my impression is that you can download his tool list and drawings and watch (not download) the videos for $77.00 per month. The membership automatically renews every month unless you cancel it.

I used to watch some of his videos back when he was putting them on YouTube for free. Then he took them all down and went pay-per-view. (Patreon Membership). Now it looks like he has moved to PayPal to get direct payments.

If he was selling a DVD set with all 350 video's on it for the $77.00 I might have considered it.

RE: tutorials - Dr Stan - 09-15-2020

His web page says it's a "One Time $77.00 Fee".  I do not plan on ordering, but am curious to learn the details from anyone who does.  $77 for a lifetime membership sounds good.  $77.00/month not so much.

RE: tutorials - arvidj - 09-15-2020

I agree with Willie. $77 for a CD might make sense. My concern about the "$77 for a lifetime membership" is that the lifetime might be only until he gets bored or has other issues that would prevent him from maintaining the site. The CD I could pass on to my survivors ... a link that returns 'Site not found' may not even be available to me in 2 years.

RE: tutorials - Highpower - 09-16-2020

Spot on arvid. I'm still not sure if it's a one-time "lifetime" payment or a monthly fee for continued access though. He has conflicting info on the same page.

RE: tutorials - rleete - 09-16-2020

Judging from his Youtube vids, it is dry and boring. Rather watch This Old Tony.

RE: tutorials - Highpower - 09-16-2020

(09-16-2020, 03:35 PM)rleete Wrote: Judging from his Youtube vids, it is dry and boring.  Rather watch This Old Tony.

Two ends of the spectrum for sure.

RE: tutorials - Dr Stan - 09-16-2020

Just goes to show an excellent tech does not always make a good supervisor or teacher.