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Bar Stock Steam Engine - Cross Slide - 03-14-2021

I have started the build of a Steam Engine that is built out of Bar Stock Steel & Brass. I found the plans on EBay in December. Before I started building I tracked down all the materials required for the build. I wanted a project that I could machine and try my best to hit the numbers on the plans. 


The first part that I started with was the Flywheel. I have limited experience, so it was a challenge to build. But I’m very happy with the outcome of the flywheel. 


I got to try a few operations on the flywheel that I have never done before. Ran into some small issues that I had to figure out along the way. And learned some lessons as well. I started out with way to much material. Which now I know wasn’t necessary. Waisted a lot of time removing the excess material instead of machining the part. Tom G gave me some great info that helped me produce a part I’m very happy with. 

More to come as the build progresses!


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - TomG - 03-14-2021

Looking good! Thumbsup


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - Pete O - 03-15-2021

Great work, the learning and figuring it out is a big part of the satisfaction of this hobby. That and watching your projects transformed from drawings into reality.

RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - Clifford B. - 03-15-2021


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - Cross Slide - 04-04-2021

I finally finished the second part for the Bar Stock Steam Engine.
This is the Valve Body. It is machined out of 12L14.
Very happy with how it turned out.

I tried making this part out of 4140 with no luck. I just couldn’t get a decent surface finish. But I’m very happy with how the part turned out once I got my hands onto some 12L14!!


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - TomG - 04-04-2021

Nice work!

The sissy steels can't be heat treated or welded, but it sure is fun to work with. Looks like it solved your surface finish issues.


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - Highpower - 04-04-2021

Looking good! Smile

RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - EdK - 04-04-2021

Very nice work. Thumbsup


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - Cross Slide - 04-10-2021

Building this project is going to allow me to also build some of the tools and fixtures that I have wanted build build but haven’t gotten around to.
The next part of the steam engine that I’m going to machine is the cylinder. There is a portion of the machining that will require a lot of the material to stick out from the side of the milling machine vice. 
This gave me the perfect opportunity to make a set of Machinist Jacks. 
They are nothing fancy. But they should work just fine. 
I would like to build a nicer set someday. Does anyone happen to have a set of plans for a nice set of machinist jacks?


RE: Bar Stock Steam Engine - Highpower - 04-10-2021

No plans shown but I do like the the 2-stage aspect on this one. Size and shape to taste.