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Ball Turner Start - pjf134 - 06-23-2012

I finally had some time to start my ball turner project, then everything got put back again. First I had to change the blade in my band saw, then start cutting the parts when I got a call saying that Home Land Security is coming over today and he stayed for hours talking and asking questions, he was to come Sunday, but showed up Saturday as I was trying to get my project cut. I still have to be with him most of the day Sunday and he has to drive out of state to get back home. I am not in any trouble as I do some work for them once in awhile. Back to the project, The new blade I got for the band saw works real good, better than the one that comes with it for sure. The ball turner I am making fits in the QCTP and I almost got it cut out of Aluminum instead of steel for now. I will take some pics before I finish it and after that also, but I am sure it will work OK.

RE: Ball Turner Start - DaveH - 06-24-2012


Great stuff - look forward to it. Thumbsup


RE: Ball Turner Start - stevec - 06-24-2012

I must say I read the stuff about the homeland insecurity thing with fear and trepidation until I got to your explanationThumbsup

Does "I almost got it cut out of Aluminum instead of steel for now" mean you're planning to do it twice?

RE: Ball Turner Start - TomG - 06-24-2012

I was investigated by the FBI once for a security clearance. They showed up in my neighborhood and went door to door interviewing all my neighbors. I couldn't figure out why everyone one was treating me so funny when I came home that night.

Let's see some pics of that ball turner Paul. It pretty easy to document a project like that and it's a great inspiration and reference for others.


RE: Ball Turner Start - pjf134 - 06-24-2012

I did buy some steel plate for the ball turner, then I changed my mind and went with Aluminum and just might leave it that way if it works out of Aluminum. I did have to break in the new band saw blade anyway and thought that Aluminum would take less time. Home Land Security wanted to hire me to go away and take care of the office while the big boss was out of town for a week, but I am retired and do not want to go out of town for a week at a time. At least the Secret Service, cops and Game Warden do not come to the house anymore, but I do see them sometime. I still do work for the State Game Commission part time.

RE: Ball Turner Start - pjf134 - 06-24-2012

I had Security clearance off and on all my life, well since 19 or 20 and I am retired now, so I been told that it had lapsed for now untill I need it again and will have to go through it again.

RE: Ball Turner Start - ETC57 - 06-24-2012


Looking forward to seeing your ball turner.Drool

Jerry. Popcorn

RE: Ball Turner Start - stevec - 06-24-2012

Paul, (if that is your real name) I think that is WAY too much information. I think we should all disavow any knowledge or connection with you Cool.

RE: Ball Turner Start - doubleboost - 06-24-2012

Looking forward to some pictures DroolDrool (of your ball turner)Big Grin


RE: Ball Turner Start - pjf134 - 06-24-2012

Everything I have done was to help people and keep them safe. Unless you try to inflict harm on me you are safe.

Ball turner pics will be posted as soon as I can get back to it.