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Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 10-23-2012

Although this is made from wood I hope to spark some imagination into your metal working. Or maybe you will try it in wood.

I made this Kaleidoscope for my wife 17 years ago for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. There is no finish on this peice. I sanded it to 1500 grit paper. It took longer to get the shine than it did to fabricate it.

Hope you like it.

"Billy G"

RE: Kaleidoscope - stevec - 10-23-2012

That's gorgeous Bill! It looks like many,many hours of work. Worthy

RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 10-23-2012

Thank you Steve, it took 7 months. I never counted the hours.

"Billy G"

RE: Kaleidoscope - sasquatch - 10-23-2012

Excellent piece of work Bill, you must have gained quite a few "Points" for that one. Lol

RE: Kaleidoscope - EdK - 10-23-2012

Very nice Bill! It looks like you used a few different types of wood in making it. Nice shine.


RE: Kaleidoscope - f350ca - 10-23-2012

Beautiful work Bill, I can see it taking months to get that finish

RE: Kaleidoscope - sasquatch - 10-23-2012

Bill, can you tell us the wood species used?

RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 10-23-2012

Only two, American Cherry and Maple. You get the effect on the barrel by turning each segment 90 degrees. I picked eack segment from 5 seperate boards. There is no metal there either. It is held together by threaded dowels. Each of those knobs is also threaded.

"Billy G"Big Grin

RE: Kaleidoscope - sasquatch - 10-23-2012

Thanks, i thought it could be cherry and maple. Nice work.

RE: Kaleidoscope - DaveH - 10-24-2012

Beautiful Thumbsup Worthy