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RE: Kaleidoscope - EdK - 11-15-2012

(11-15-2012, 08:35 AM)TomG Wrote: You mean like this one?


Wow! The price matches its size. Yikes


RE: Kaleidoscope - Mayhem - 11-15-2012

I thought you would be making the bearing from wood Bill

RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 11-15-2012

No Darren, especially that big one. Because the gears are wood there will be more drag present than in their metal counterparts. For this reason all gear shafts and the nose piece will run in ball bearings.

Tom -- Yes like that one only I got mine for free. Remember I worked in a bearing productiopn factory. Rotfl

"Billy G" Smiley-dancenana

RE: Kaleidoscope - TomG - 11-15-2012

I remember seeing that bearing a while back and was actually able to find it again. Didn't realize it was so pricey though.

I think you should do as Darren suggests and make one out of wood. Might be tough making a sealed version though.


RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 11-15-2012

Think ZERO DRAG and tell me that again Tom. RotflRotflRotfl It's weight driven. That makes a big difference driving thru 6 gears.

"Billy G" Thumbsup

RE: Kaleidoscope - stevec - 11-16-2012

(11-15-2012, 10:08 AM)EdK Wrote:
(11-15-2012, 08:35 AM)TomG Wrote: You mean like this one?


Wow! The price matches its size. Yikes


I was curious as to their pricing on something I'm familiar with.
I found a 7/8" pillow block listed at $24.99, I can get one for $11.99
So they seem pricey.

RE: Kaleidoscope - sasquatch - 11-16-2012

I'm always amazed at how inexpensive a lot of bearings are, accuratley built and able to run trouble free turning :TRILLION's" of times, through all sorts of temperature extremes, and only lubed by a little bit of grease or oil.

RE: Kaleidoscope - f350ca - 11-16-2012

Coincidental, thats the company I purchased the skate board bearing for my plasma cutter from.

RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 11-24-2012

Complete prints and pix, 22 pages worth. Actually more if you count 9 pages of templates.

"Billy G" Big Grin

RE: Kaleidoscope - EdK - 11-24-2012

Wow, that must have taken a while to draw up. Thumbsup