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RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 11-24-2012

I did not keep track Ed but I would venture a guess at better than 100 hours. This was the hard part. Reverse Engineering is never easy. There is so much you cannot see in pictures. I call it "Guesstimation" Rotfl

"Billy G" Thumbsup

RE: Kaleidoscope - Mayhem - 11-24-2012

Accurate guesstimation can only be achieved when using an eyecrometer!

Looking good so far Bill. How far away from a start are you?

RE: Kaleidoscope - Bill Gruby - 11-24-2012

I like that eyecrometer. Far enough into this to start anytime Darren.

"Billy G" Thumbsup

RE: Kaleidoscope - DaveH - 11-26-2012

Wow Bill, you have been busy Thumbsup Smiley-signs107