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Tool Grinder (maybe) - f350ca - 11-12-2012

Felt like playing on the lathe and mill, they were feeling neglected.
This may never get finished in a reasonable time frame but should be a fun project. Another one of Greg's design as we machine builds.
Why a tool grinder?
This stems from wanting a wood processor, it would be easier to built with a cnc plasma table, rather than buy racks I want to try and build them, I need a dro on the shaper for that and a grinder to make the cutter angles exact and repeatable. This all falls into Greg logic, Like building a sawmill to cut the timber for a blacksmith shop.

I basically want a grinder that I can set two angles and use the face of a cup wheel. These are available but it would be cheaper to buy the rack, or almost the wood processor, remember the wood processor.

I needed a 90 degree joint with adjustment on the resulting angles. Had a chunk of 3 inch dia cast iron (no idea where it came from).
Made a threaded arbor to cut the 90 deg joint.

[Image: IMG_0317.jpg]

Not sure what to call these parts but this makes the 90 degree joint.

[Image: IMG_0320.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0322.jpg]

The assembly will pivot on a 1 1/4 shaft. Bore for that.

[Image: IMG_0323.jpg]

3/4 bore for split cotter to lock to shaft.

[Image: IMG_0324.jpg]

Degree lines for cutter clearance. These are 5 degrees apart with a vernier to get to 1 degree.

[Image: IMG_0325.jpg]

Thats where we are now, may get some more tonight, today we're filling the wood shed, too nice a day to be inside, 22 degree Celsius ( in November ? thank god for global warming)

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - f350ca - 11-12-2012

Have the next section roughed out. The top part will rotate for the cutter angle, the bottom section for the clearance. Will cut a dovetail in the top section to carry the tool holders. The bottom interferes with the rod it will slide on at 10 degrees, will I ever need more than a 10 deg clearance angle? Could mill away some metal if necessary.

[Image: IMG_0328.jpg]

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - sasquatch - 11-12-2012

You are a Busy Guy!! Sure looks interesting !

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - DaveH - 11-13-2012

Does look interesting and looking good Thumbsup

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - f350ca - 11-13-2012

Not much time today, got the degree marks cut on the top section and hole drilled for the split cotter. It was drilled and reamed on the same setup as the angle marks so that I had an index to them.

[Image: IMG_0329.jpg]

One vernier acts on both scales. The main divisions are 5 degrees apart and the vernier gets you to 1 degree.

[Image: IMG_0331.jpg]

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - 4R8 - 11-13-2012

I'm not real sure on what it is I'm looking at but looks like a nice project and a stout little tool

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - EdK - 11-14-2012

(11-13-2012, 11:15 PM)4R8 Wrote: I'm not real sure on what it is I'm looking at but looks like a nice project and a stout little tool

Smiley-signs009 but 6820


RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - f350ca - 11-14-2012

I'm not totally sure what it will look like if it ever gets finished. Hope I'm not building myself into a corner.

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - Mayhem - 11-14-2012

Doesn't matter Greg - we are enjoying the ride!

RE: Tool Grinder (maybe) - f350ca - 11-14-2012

A little more today, The bore for the split cotter was made with the same setup as the graduations, so it is referenced to them. I used a dowel pin through that bore to clamp the part for the dove tails, they should then be indexed to the graduations. Was going to rough out the slot then cut the dove tail on the shaper but got lazy and did it on the mill.

[Image: IMG_0334.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0335.jpg]