Minimal Clockmaking
Digging through old files I realized that I had not posted anything about this project for some time.
I started this thread 8 years ago !! Wow don't time FLY.
The Dark Lady is still  hanging in the same place  and keeps reasonable time, within a minute is the norm But if we get a thunder storm or violent change in the weather. it can dive off either way. for a while then return to it's usual self as the weather settles Not bad considering the escapement was invented before the discovery of the pendulum. It's only maintenance has been, winding every day. a good clean every 2 years,  and 2 new winding cords. all part of the pleasure of having it. But you must be prepared for the OOh  I like that Dad  could you possibly  ????????


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It's nice to see the old girl still keeping time. Thumbsup

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