Drawings for no fog coolant mister
Certainly!!  Here it is, I only have a couple of the same photo, just with changes in lighting. I made the rods and the clamps also, and I can get it at just about anything I need to. I will see about getting some better pics of it, maybe later today if time permits.


I had to bring the unit inside for the winter, since my machines are out in the garage at present. I plan to build a second one so that I have one for Kool Mist or Syn-Kool (what I am using now) and one for WD-40, then mount both of them on wheeled stands, similar to IV trolleys. That way I can be ready for either ferrous material or aluminum, and I can move them to the lathe, the mill, or where ever they might be needed.
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Hi Terry. Thanks for posting the drawings for people to use. I have compressed air in my shed. I have been thinking about coolant for my small lathe and mill for some time now. My main problem is I don't have a recovery system for either. Do you recover the used coolant via drip tray etc or is the volume small enough to just clean up after a job and treat it as disposable. At the moment I rely on a squirt bottle with a kero/oil mix for coolant but for things like parting off I would love a better solution. Have been toying with the idea of a gravity feed system but without recovery options I think it would get too messy. I am not an experienced machinist, just doing my best and learning along the way.Would love to hear some opinions on whether this system might suit me or not.
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Thanks for posting the plans. I look forward to building one for myself.

I've been brushing on heavy cutting oil. Since my shop is below my house, the smoke and odors have been a problem. And as we all know too well, sulfured cutting oil doesn't exactly smell like roses.
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