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Custom Oil Gun
Both my lathe and mill have grease nipples, but they are intended to be used for oil, not grease. The concept is fairly straight forward: Take a normal grease gun and modify it, so you can fill it with oil instead.

Nothing really new here, except I have taken a slightly different approach. All the ones I have seen block off the rear end after the plunger and spring have been removed and then unscrew the body to fill with oil. The problem here is that most leak oil from the junction between the body and the head. I was given this gun a while back. It is a smaller one and I have never seen pre-filled cartridges for this size. So it was the perfect candidate.

What I did was weld a whiz nut into the back of the body to act as a filling port. A suitable bolt was cut down and an O-ring used to ensure the seal. The nut also has a spring washer welded to it for hanging on a wall. The body was screwed back onto the head using hydraulic thread sealant. I filled it with water and left it for a few days and there was no leakage.

I decided to powder coat the body and bung. I had some safety yellow powder that I hadn't used yet and given the importance of lubrication, I decided to make this sucker stand out!

On the rack, cooling down after coming out of the oven:

The finished item:

Close up of the filler hole and bung:

Not its final home but this is how it will be stored:
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