How to Locate the Center of a Hole With an Edge Finder
(05-17-2019, 01:22 AM)Highpower Wrote: Ahhh... OK. I totally misread what you wrote.   Bash

In that case I would probably turn (or have someone else do it) an aluminum shaft to fit both original diameters (3/4 x 1.5). Make the larger diameter just wide enough to match the thickness of the casting on the back side. Make the smaller diameter long enough to protrude a bit from the hand wheel side to indicate off of. You should be able to find an unworn spot of the original hole to rest/clamp your shaft against to get the proper location/alignment unless the hole is really, really, REALLY wallowed out all the way around.   Yikes

Once you have the shaft dialed in for zero just cut the shaft in half (inside the carriage) so you can pull out the 3/4" end of the shaft and then bore away. Hopefully all the wear will be on just one side of the casting.   Smiley-signs003

Willie I have thought of doing that just as you have described. My fear is that the large hole for the plug could not be align bored with the shaft hole. You and Tom G have given me some excellent brain food to chew on. I may just use a combination of both. Thanks so very much for your help.
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