6X4 Bandsaw mod
(01-25-2014, 06:51 AM)mfletch Wrote: Just got myself a 6X4 Bandsaw so looked how to improve it a little.

I know these bandsaws have been modded before but I've not seen this mod before so hope it helps others who like the mod.

When you need to load stock for cutting you have to hold the blade up and manually make it safe with the rear latch so decided to make this automatic making it much easier and safer, any way here's the pictures

Usefull mod there, I made [well beermaker] made me a similar thing for my rapidor hacksaw,makes it much easier to load, from mansfield eh?? famous for moulding sand, I got mine from there. [mansfield red]

mfletch Wrote:Pin for the spring

A bit too hot for spraying

The latch is spring loaded so it automatically engages the latch on lifting the arm up and all you do is push the rod to disengage the latch and if you don't want to use the latch it can be locked in the down position

Hope you liked the mod
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