Toolpost DTI holder
(05-17-2015, 05:40 PM)Micktoon Wrote: Hi aRM , you have done cracking job and made the design better again, I had seen similar thing and tried to improve a touch so if it keeps going god knows what it might end up like lol. I think Bob KRV3000 is the refurb expert mind Worthy .
  I am sure you will be glad youmade it and wonder what you did before you had it.
  Cheers Mick

First thanks to U Man
It was Your endeavours that prompted the coaxing
As for refurbing, Heck Man, U have done a splendid, if not superb finish on that Harrison.
Just can't stop admiring your masterpiece - still going thru' all those postings

We have an original, somewhat bastardised Chipmaster we got stuck with in a sting op and it needs a lot of attention like Headstock leaking oil, Variator sounds like a banshee, Clutch adjustment etc etc
No body down here interested in any repair work and we too scared to open her up
Maybe a VFD will rid the noise and be the better way to go. However, tackling the Headstock with all those complicating Gears, Man that's for pros like U.
And that is another chapter.
Take care
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