a eclipse pin chuck sensertive drill atachment
hi all a friend of mine peter has this for his myford so I have borrowed it off him so I can make one see pic 1 so the first thing was to make the centre parte this was made out of sum 13mm bare the over all length is 90mm so the first thing to drill and ream 6.3 to fit the shaft on the eclipse pin chuck  then turn up the rest to the same as the original one the mane shaft was turned dawn to be just bigger than 8mm once that bit was dun the next bit turn up the No2 morce taper to fit my tale stock the only bit of steel large inuf  for the job was 40mm in di so I drilled centres at both ends then this got turned dawn to 20mm once dawn to 20mm I drilled all the way threw then reemd out to 8mm   I took plenty of pics but as I shake not many of them turned out good any way I have a No2 taper that I youse for setting up my tale stock off centre turning tool  put the taper between the head stock canter and the one on the  tale stock and adjust it till the d.t.i stays the same then your set to start turning once all the turning had bin dun I then went back to the centre shaft and polish this to be a spot on fit in the m8 reemd hole right pics

o and I had to stop for me tee see last pic

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