Spindle Travel Dial Indicator Mount
Been trying to find ideas on mounting a dial indicator to measure the spindle travel on my mill, the great goddess google hasn't been very helpful. Maybe it isn't done.
Had a repurposed digital calliper on there for a while but it blocked the depth stop adjustment.
Made the travelling mount to hold the dial indicator. 
The brass rod goes into a hole in the spindle stop. Two steel balls are pushed out with a pointed set screw to lock it in.
[Image: PvUSRxyfDDXRCOCzAkTBN-LrxIkrt20dJ54NEnmC...7-h1250-no]

[Image: JDieOTHYHw0zDEquqJdSsqJ6DzLz02J-2c13esBX...7-h1250-no]

Have a 2 inch travel indicator ordered. Have to build a fixed mount for the bottom that will hold an adjustable rod that contacts the indicator plunger.

[Image: qVOFMnTkxyaXNvyViFprzMvGSDUxTRCbqVqZhvpC...7-h1250-no]

[Image: -qFoIN-n0jDjzwxZbjD1xvlNhe9bEEuiUci2xpz7...7-h1250-no]
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