Running a Bridgeport J-head supine?
I have a project waiting for me that requires a few line-boring tasks; completely re-working the front pivot arrangement on my old tractor front-end loader arms and making a quick-hitch for swapping buckets / implements. My plan is to use my welding table to set everything up, with the loader arms and boring bar support bearings welded in place while the boring is done, and to mount the J-head from my mill lying on it's back at one end of the table to provide both drive and feed to the boring bar via a universal-jointed drive shaft. This is the simplest arrangement I've come up with for providing the feed. What do you guys think of running the J-head this way, with regard to lubrication of the back gear and feed drive train? I can always stand the table on end which will put the J-head in it's proper orientation but make setting up the loader arms much more difficult.
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