Motor controller question
So, I broke down and bought one of the HF 1x30 belt sanders.   After disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and adjusting, it's much smoother and quieter than out of the box.  Except for the included belt (which is garbage), it's not a bad little machine for under 50 bucks.  BTW, new (quality) sanding belts are available from Klingspor at very reasonable prices.

However, it has one major flaw, and that is the fact that it is single speed, and runs way too fast for my tastes.  As a result, I searched and found this: 

Which brings me to my question.  Will this thing damage the motor, provided I don't slow it down so much that it stalls the motor?  I just want to reduce the speed without spending a small fortune on a VFD.  I also don't want to burn out my new toy.

I know I could convert it with a DC motor, but would rather not go to that much expense or bother.

Advice from the more electron knowledgeable folks appreciated.
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