Spindle adapter for drill press
I just checked my drill which looks very similar to yours, except it's a Delta, and as I said has a JT33 mount for the chuck. Unfortunately there is almost no space to mount a collar on the spindle. If yours is the same, let's hope you can find a way to add a screw to your ER to MT adapter.

If I were to modify my press to take end mills, I'd probably take the spindle out entirely, cut off the external tapered piece, then through drill 3/8". Then open the business end out to full MT2 taper.

I would then get a 3/8 MT2 collet to hold 3/8" shank end mills. Little Machine shop has them - maybe Ebay as well. I'd use a length of 3/8-16 all thread with a couple jam nuts and washer on the end to secure the collet - or make up a proper drawbar.

I'd also get an MT2 to drill chuck adapter (in my case MT2 to JT33) so I could mount the drill chuck again. Now you can also mount a lot of MT2 accessories, as well.

We haven't addressed any of the stiffness issues of these small drill presses when used as a mill -- but the result may be quite limited in capability. Still, if you're doing model work, and you have no other mill it's bound to be better than nothing.

If you have a lathe, a milling attachment for that, and/or a milling and boring arbor will probably have more capacity and give more precision and better finish.

Nevertheless doing a drill conversion does add versatility to a modest shop, and also the challenges of making tooling and getting the most out of limited capabilities is a large part of the fun of home metal shop work.

I have a mill already, but your project has made me think about modifying my drill anyway, just for the above reason.
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