Remote control Jib Crane
Hi Ed,

It's  been a long time coming but here is a crane I built as promised posted here first.
It has taken a long time and slot of work to get it completed and everything works as it should and load tested etc.

I had built a Jib crane in my last shop that I posted here, but this one was tricky as I only had a ceiling height of 2.45m in my new shop and wanted a longer reach.

The crane is 3.4m span from the pivot point, made of 200/29kgm beam.
The post Is double 100x100x4mm, attached to 2x 150x100x10mm angle with extra plate welded to it.

It is bolted split story house onto the bearers, 6 floor joist, 6 wall studs and 7 upper floor floor joists.

A total of 15x16mm bolts and 7 coach bolts and 4x16mm dynabolts if my memory is right, so it's not going anywhere.[/size]

The beam being only 2.25m from the ground it needed a super low headroom hoist and nothing is available, so I made my own mini one copied from the commercial manufacturers like Kone etc.

I used a 500kg Chinese hoist with a home made rope block the other motor came from a mud mixer from my friend Peter Marr who is a member here.

The hook only hangs down 230mm under the beam and is 2m from the ground, so no chance of running into it even though I'm 1.8 tall.

The hoist has up and down limit switches with rollers, cable, levers etc as well as travel limit switches. 
It also has a power point with extra switch work for lights and just for fun a beeper and lazer positioning lights.The beeper/lazer where mainly for the kids as they followed my journey and helped where they could.
The lady across the road makes stickers, so after seeing the work I had put into it we got together and designed the stickers.

It's been years since I posted up a project so I'm a bit rusty.
I was going to do a detailed write up about building the hoist etc as I've taken hundreds of photos, but I'll see if there is much interest in it first before spending days going through all the pictures I took and detailing each part, step and machining operation etc.


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Also if someone could help me out with posting pictures from my phone, I had to screen shot them to make them smaller as the forum wouldn't allow the size.
I'd like them to come up as full pictures,not thumbnails like they did.
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Nice job. Thumbsup
Thanks given by: Dave J
(03-10-2021, 08:14 PM)Highpower Wrote: Nice job.  Thumbsup

Thanks, I do remember you from many years ago.
I was one of The guys who promoted ED to get this forum running.
Sadly family issues with Divorce etc kept me away.

Happily settled now with a new lovely wife, so hope to join in more.
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I remember when you first started on this project and were gathering materials to build it with. You have definitely taken it to the next level (or three) since then. Big Grin

Glad to hear that things are looking up for you now Dave. I think a lot of us have been dealing with various issues in recent years. And let's face it - 2020 won't be remembered fondly by anyone.

By the way, clicking on your pictures as they are now opens them up to full size for me. Not a big deal to click the mouse and see them in the large format.
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Welcome back Dave!!
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Well done Dave and welcome back! Thumbsup

The way I post pictures from my cell phone is to email them to me from my phone and then scale them down on my computer to get the file size down. Then I post them on the forum.

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