Christmas wood projects
Thank You for the good comments boys Smiley-eatdrink004

To answer the things mentioned in the comments. I dont know what the wood in the yellow coloured bottle is , it was a log that somone local had cut down around here so grows in the UK, some people that saw it from the woodturning club did not know what it was either, so god knows.
The finish on all the work, is sanded down through the various grits from 80 grit up to 800 grit, (then dyed if the item was dyed) then cellulose sanding sealer painted on then wiped straight off when still in the lathe so it just sinks in and the excess removed, then waxed and buffed with cotton cloth while still on the lathe.
The Laburnum wood according to wikipeadia is from Southern Europe but it does grow in England and is a quite common garden tree here, it has very bright chains of yellow flowers that dangle down, the heart wood can be much darker than the apple and pear I made too.
Steve , I like the foot stool you made , I had to re read your comments as thought you meant you stained it with Frank's hot sauce Rotfl from first read through.

Cheers Mick
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Here's a piece of furniture that I made 35 or so years ago.


There are no screws, nuts & bolts or nails in it.

Rudolph and Olive were a fun project I made a bunch of as Christmas gifts for friends and family.

Olive, you know Olive the other reindeer. Rotfl
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How about this for wood turning!
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Nice piece of furniture - still looks good Thumbsup Smiley-signs107
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well dun Thumbsup
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