milling in the lathe
I need to get the picture of my snail so I can make it my avatar. It's a snail with a turbocharger for a shell Rotfl I drew it while bored in EOD School and have always wanted to use it for my business logo. Nonetheless I definitely plan on taking it slow. I figure I will probably start with trying to make parts for my 1/5 scale R/C car. Not 100% sure what I will make as I haven't broken anything (surprisingly) but I'm sure there are things that could use an upgrade. I do feel like I have a leg up as my dad has experience using an old Atlas and then I will get the tutelage of a shop owner in Florida. Thumbsup
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I have always felt that a little time spent milling on the lathe is a valuable asset, not so long ago pretty much all but the really hardcore hobbyists did all their milling on the lathe. which is where the milling attachment was born.

In the training centre where I did my apprenticeship, they also used to train "Marine engineers" in their course they had to make any number of milled components, some quite large, but they were allowed only a 12" swing 40" BC lathe a drill press and a power hacksaw. Apparently this was the setup on all the company ships and so they were trained to use what they had to make any part they might require from stock, or repair whatever was needed in some far flung port or I suppose on the high seas, they were also limited to HSS as it was more adaptable that tipped tools.

I so wanted to do that course, just for the challenge if for no other reason.

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