Soldering jig
Ed, your answer is in the poor pic I posted. The black anodized alu plate I use on my best friend (electric lift) doesn't show the item I'm working on to be the angle iron I'm welding up for the "foot" of the log lifter on my new splitter build.
I welded it up and it's fine (and SQUARE!).
I will be cautious not to get spatter on the thin metal band though.
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(05-16-2013, 10:29 AM)Brian Wrote: I am in the process of making a cover for one of my other clocks. It don't like dust.
So any excuse to by tools I got myself a miter jig.

Only problem it don't do 3 sides so a few mods later.

And this is the result

Only 7 more to do.

very usefull,looks like it's been made as part of the jig & not an ''add-on''
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