Tetra Gun grease
Dave, we used white lithium grease on the O-rings of our down hole tools when i actually worked and got a pay check. The tools with a double o-ring seal were rated to 20,000 psi if I remember. But the o-rings only made one trip into the well, changed them every run.
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(08-25-2013, 06:22 PM)aametalmaster Wrote: How about good ole petroleum jelly. That's what our guys in the repair shop used for the finer things that needed lubed. Just my thought...Bob
I forgot about that, I remember years ago at work they would use it on some rubber seals. I'll have to look into it.
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From wikipedia ...Bob
It was also recommended by Porsche in maintenance training documentation for lubrication (after cleaning) of "Weatherstrips on Doors, Hood, Tailgate, Sun Roof". The publication states "…before applying a new coat of lubricant…" "Only acid-free lubricants may be used, for example: glycerine, Vaseline, tire mounting paste, etc. These lubricants should be rubbed in, and excessive lubricant wiped off with a soft cloth."
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