Thread Cutting on the Lathe, Part Four - Setting Up the Lathe and Cutting the Thread
Another great video Tom, god I wish I'd bid more on that Hardinge.
I get lazy and cut the whole thread with the cross slide. As an excuse I have a scale on the compound, so I keep it dialled in parallel to the bed, then can use it for fine feed on that axis.
Speaking of course, my Summit goes to 1/4 tip, I've never even tried it. Would imagine that would only be cut on multiple start treads. You can unlock the spindle and index the gear train for up to 6 start threads.
Free advice is worth exactly what you payed for it.
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Thanks Greg.

I wanted to do a video on multiple start threads, but since the Hardinge only goes to 11 tpi, it wouldn't be all that impressive.

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