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Evening All , I have be giving an old box a new purpose , I have had this old box off some bit of medical equipment for years but no real use for it. The woodturning club I go to needed a suggestions box for members to leave feedback and ideas about the running of the club, so I thought I would adapt the box.

This is the box as it was

[Image: Suggestionbox001.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox003.jpg]

Stripped down , then sanded

[Image: Suggestionbox004.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox005.jpg]

There were a few holes that needed filled two small ones in the bottom seen in the middle here, I drilled 4 corner shallow holes to stick the rubber feet that are in sheet form resting on the box, these normally just come off unless set into a shallow recess

[Image: Suggestionbox006.jpg]

I have the lathe and collet chuck so got a bit of similar wood and turned it down into a dowel with a slight taper to each end , this was sawn in half and glued into the holes.

[Image: Suggestionbox007.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox008.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox010.jpg]

There was also a bigger nasty hole in the back, this was a random rough sided irregular thing so I got a suitable sized washer and drew around the hole and used the same washer to also draw a matching circle in a bit of similar scrap wood, I then filed the hole true and round and did the same to the scrap. The plug was then glued in with the grain running the same way, trimmed down and sanded , the colour match was not perfect but ok for what it is and I was on a dead line as the club was on that night too.

[Image: Suggestionbox009.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox011.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox012.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox014.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox015.jpg]

The strap was knackered so a new leather one made

[Image: Suggestionbox013.jpg]

I cut a hole in the lid and rounded it off using the router and guides, you can see the hole that was plugged in the back ground

[Image: Suggestionbox016.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox017.jpg]

The box was then stained with spirit stain, a coat or two of laquer

[Image: Suggestionbox019.jpg]

A light buff with fine wire wool , waxed and the hardware put back on.

[Image: Suggestionbox020.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox021.jpg]

I then printed a label on the computer and laminated it , attached it with double sided sticky tape and the jobs a good un !

[Image: Suggestionbox023.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox024.jpg]

[Image: Suggestionbox025.jpg]

Cheers Mick
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Wow! Very nice transformation Mick. Thumbsup

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Nice work Mick.

I must admit that when I saw the title I though to myself "Oh no, do we really need a 'suggestion box' here on MWF". After all, that is what Ed's email account and PM account are for Rotfl
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Goodness that did turn out exceedingly good Thumbsup
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brill work i need tow mack two new boxes 1 for me stop watch and the other for me hight gage [/i]
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Nice job Mick.

That's the nice thing about wood, you can always restore it back to its original appearance (or better).

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Nice job Mick, the wood looks like mahogany?

( My local fabrication shop has a suggestion box,,,the sign is bolted onto the door of the big wood furnace!!) Lol
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Always nice to see something re-purposed instead of tossed out.
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